Chillout Zone – Director's Night With James Cameron

October Chillout Zone revolves around films which became part of the history of cinema and revolutionised the technical aspect of genre film. This year we are also interested in pictures which emphasise industrial motifs (such as metal, which is very important in the “Terminator” franchise) and new technologies, without which the modern world would be difficult to imagine. James Cameron’s cinema paved the path in the area of innovative special effects and made a real breakthrough.

An iconic, canonical SF thriller made using really little funds, which made Schwarzenegger a star. In Poland also known under the title “Electronic murderer.” In 1984, a cyborg killer comes from the future; his mission is to kill the mother of the future leader of the rebels. He is being followed by Kyle Reese (unforgettable Michael Biehn). One should notice the dark and claustrophobic atmosphere of Los Angeles.

Český Film - 21.10 – 22:00

A spectacular continuation of the iconic SF thriller. It is with this film that Cameron truly revolutionised the field of special effects. Schwarzenegger plays Terminator T-800, whose mission is to protect John Connor from dying. In the future the boy is to lead the people in a fight against the machines. Great performance by Linda Hamilton (John’s mother) and Robert Patrick (in the role of a modern cyborg T-1000).

Český Film - 21.10 – 00:00

The second part of the famous series started by Ridley Scott. It has been 57 years since the events from the first film. Brave Ripley (starring Sigourney Weaver) together with a commando unit heads out to help the inhabitants of the planet, which was invaded by the alien. Cameron added many dynamic elements of action film and boosted the special effects to maximum. There are some who believe this part to be the best in the series.

Český Film - 22.10 – 22:00

This picture received the Academy Award for special effects. It is a slick merger of SF with adventure cinema. The story, produced in full swing, talks about an American submarine, which encounters a mysterious object. From that moment on, everyone there is witnessing strange and terrifying events. Starring Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Michael Biehn, whom we know from the first “Terminator.”

Český Film- 23.10 – 22:00

Cameron’s real triumph. The film received 11 Academy Awards and became a benchmark for the film environment for many years. It is great both as a disaster film and an offbeat melodrama. It is a story of a British ship, which hits an iceberg during its first cruise. Unforgettable performances by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. They are accompanied by the “unsinkable” Kathy Bates and Billy Zane, evil to the core. The film song by Celine Dion made it to the canon, just as James Horner’s monumental music did.

Český Film- 24.10 – 22:00

Cameron made yet another special effects breakthrough with this film, whose production cost 237 million dollars. its protagonist is Jake, a paralysed former commando, who is sent to planet Pandora, befriends its inhabitants and decides to help them. The authors reinterpreted the famous American myth about Pocahontas. The film won 3 Oscars: for special effects, cinematography and scenography.

Český Film- 25.10 – 22:00

A feisty sensation comedy with Jamie Lee Curtis (she got a Golden Globe for this role) and Arnold Schwarzenegger, which today is truly iconic. Harry Tasker is a seemingly normal, good-natured computer salesman but in reality, he leads a double life as a secret agent. Everything gets complicated when the protagonist starts to think that his wife is cheating on him. Cameron’s film is a brilliant parody of James Bond’s adventures.

Český Film- 26.10 – 22:00